How can I sponsor my child in India? (9 ways)

In this article, we answer the following question: How can I sponsor my child in India? 

We give you 9 ways through which you can help Indian children and their communities. Please read carefully through our list and make sure you do your own research after.

How can I sponsor my child in India?

There are several organizations that serve as a gateway if you want to sponsor a child in India. All you need to do is find the organization whose philosophy is closest to yours, and with a simple click, you can start helping one or more children today.

Sponsoring a child in India is the best way to ensure that their basic daily needs are covered. For just $15-$25 per month, you will be able to cover the monthly expenses of food, medical attention when needed and education (uniform and school supplies) of a minor from a disadvantaged family or an orphan.

When sponsoring a child you will receive a photo and a card with their data (name, date of birth, description and postal address) and you will be able to sponsor them for several years or only for a certain period since there is no legal link between the sponsor and the child.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the relationship between the sponsor and the child is mutual correspondence, which creates an emotional bond, beyond the financial contribution. Sponsored girls and boys write to their sponsors at least twice a year. 

You will be able to be in contact with the minor via postal mail and she or he will also write to you or send you drawings or congratulations depending on how old they are. It is also possible to send gifts to the girl or boy, although the general recommendations are that they be simple gifts (stickers, crayons, markers, etc.) so as not to generate differences in the community where they live. If one day you travel to India you can also meet the child personally.

India is a country with a long history and diverse culture. It is also a country of contradictions: its impoverished communities face poor educational systems, gender bias, and one of the most extreme degrees of poverty in the world. Unsanitary conditions create risks for settlement residents.

About a third of the children in India suffer from lung problems as a result of environmental pollution and poor living conditions. The lack of vocational training and employment opportunities promote a vicious cycle of poverty that has persisted for generations. 

The educational experience in India does not have an adequate teacher-student ratio, sufficient supplies and suitable environments for learning.

The culture of this country is defined by various ethnic groups. There is not one Hindu language, but several main languages, Hindi and English being the most common, respectively.

Delhi and Kolkata, two of the largest cities in India, also present great challenges. For this reason, there are several community centres in both locations to help children and families facing unemployment, overcrowding and urban blight.


This is just one of the main NGOs through which you can sponsor a child in India. It was created in 2000, and according to the founder this is their mission: 

The idea of GiveIndia was born very simply to bridge the gap between two sets of people – people who want to give, who want to try and make a difference along with those who are doing phenomenal work but don’t know how to reach out to the people who want to support them.” – Venkat Krishnan, Founder- GiveIndia

You can join their mission “No Child Hungry” and read more about this NGO by clicking here. You can help to feed a child with just ₹ 1000 per month (that is 11 euros/10 pounds/ 13 dollars per month). 

On their website, you can also see pictures with the children and their age and also read their personal stories. 

World Vision

World Vision is a  global Christian humanitarian organization who helps families fight against injustice and poverty. They were founded in 1950 and believe that there aren’t hopeless situations and that each child can be saved and taken care of. 

According to their website, “in 2019, 87% of World Vision’s total operating expenses were used for programs that benefit children, families, and communities in need.”

Here’s how you can help through World Vision:

  • You can create a fundraising online page.
  • You can donate money for different causes through their philanthropic page.
  • You can build a World Vision Kit.
  • You can knit for kids and help them keep warm during cold nights.
  • You can volunteer near you.

Read more about how you can help children in India on the World Vision official page.

Children International

With five community centres and a dedicated local team, Children International seeks to create lasting change in the lives of children and youth in these communities. 

They have programs that give children access to medical care and medicine. Their youth health programs train adolescents in health and hygiene issues and provide first aid to their communities. 

Their  Youth Employability Centers prepare young people for employment by providing vocational guidance, resume writing training, mock job interviews, and more. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes helps young people find better employment opportunities as the primary language of government and business is English. 

Besides, their early childhood development programs help prepare low-income children to continue their studies.

Find here how you can sponsor a child in India through Children International.

Children Incorporated

You can sponsor a child in India in one of the 3 ways that Children Incorporated offers: by using their online portal, by calling them at  1-800-538-5381 or sending an email at

You can make a monthly donation through their sponsor’s page and even exchange letters with the children you are helping if you want to. You will also receive updated information and an updated photo about once a year, although the frequency may vary depending upon the child’s location.

With $30 a month, you can sponsor a child’s education and wellbeing.  Contributions may be made on a monthly ($30 a month), quarterly ($90 every three months), semi-annual ($180 every six months), or annual ($360 every twelve months) basis.

SOS Children’s Villages in India

With SOS Children’s Villages in India you can support children who are in desperate need of:

  • Nutritious food
  • Medical care
  • Clothing and toys
  • A safe home
  • Education
  • Your unconditional support and understanding. 

According to their data, currently, in India there are:

  • Over 2,000 youth being cared for in SOS Youth Facilities
  • Over 6,600 students being educated in SOS primary and secondary schools
  • Over 2,000 individuals benefiting from SOS Vocational Training programs
  • Over 31,500 individuals benefiting from SOS Family Strengthening Programs

Starting with just $36/month you can change the life of a child in India. Click here for more information on how to do it. 

Save the Children

Save the Children was the first organization to offer supporters the opportunity to sponsor an individual child. Here are their achievements worldwide:

  • 85,000 children healthy and nourished
  • 211,000 children educated and empowered
  • 361,000 children protected from harm
  • 86,000 children lifted from poverty
  • 88,000 children aided in the crisis.

If you want to sponsor a child in India through Save the Children, we recommend this video that explains how to help. For about $1 a day, you can change the life of a child by becoming a child sponsor.

ActionAid India

With just ₹750 per month (the average price of a coffee) you can help save the life of a child in India.  You will sponsor a child’s education, nutrition, medical care and general wellbeing. 

With ActionAid India, you have the option of donating ₹ 9,000 per child per year, or  ₹750 per month. You can pay online using a Credit or Debit card, or you can write a cheque and make mobile payments. 

You can start sponsoring a child in India by writing to or by making an online donation here.

TARA India

With TARA India you get the option to sponsor either a child or a family in India. 

Education4,875 ₹$83
Home3,750 ₹$64
Meals3,375 ₹$57
Caregiver3,000 ₹$51
Health3,000 ₹$51
Bills2,625 ₹$45
Sports2,625 ₹$45
Books and toys2,250 ₹$38
Clothes and bedding1,500 ₹$26
Breakfasts1,125 ₹$19
Outings900 ₹$15

Start sponsoring a child in India today with TARA just by filling in this simple form.

Volunteer in India

There are other ways that you can help children and their families in India without donating money. Here’s what you can do:

  • You can teach children in Kerala – If you are good with English, simple maths or other skills that you feel the need to share with others, consider volunteering to teach children in Kerala, where schools are often overcrowded and with not enough teachers. 
  • Help women in Kolkata – Participate in a women’s empowerment movement in beautiful Kolkata. Help women find their voice and get to know their beautiful culture and traditions. 
  • Volunteer to work with children with disabilities – Teach children, their family and immediate friends how to help each other. Support children with disabilities to integrate into society and to learn basic skills. 
  • Provide health care services – If you are a doctor or a nurse who would like to use their skills to help poor communities to get the basics of medical care, look into organizations that help doctors volunteer in India. 
  • Help building a local school – You do not have to be a doctor or a teacher to help children and their communities in India. You can give your support in building local schools so that children can get a safe and fun environment to learn and thrive. 


There are many, many ways in which you can sponsor a child in India. Our list is not definitive and we know that there are many other ways of helping vulnerable children worldwide. Please do your research before choosing the best way for yourself.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on How can I sponsor my child in India?

How can I sponsor a child in India?

You can sponsor a child in India by donating a certain amount each year or monthly. Many NGOs have different sponsorship policies, so make sure you read them before signing a contract. 

How much does it cost to educate a child in India?

The costs of educating a child in India are ₹8,331 on average. However, if the child wishes to enrol in a professional course the costs can be as high as ₹72,000 per student.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child in India?

The costs of sponsoring a  child in India vary depending on the NGO you chose to donate through. The average amount is between $34 and $45 a month.

Is giving India legit?

Yes, GiveIndia is a legit non-profit organisation in India. You can help to feed a child with just ₹ 1000 per month. 


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