How easy is it to give a baby up for adoption? (A detailed Look)

In this article, we explain how easy it is to five a baby up for adoption. We speak about the first steps to take in order to give up your baby, but also what you should know before making such an important decision.

How easy is it to give a baby up for adoption?

Giving up a baby for adoption is not an easy process, neither emotionally nor legally. The mother can start the process of giving her child for adoption 30 days after the baby is born and it will end 30 days after the mother has signed the informed consent before an ICBF Family Defender. If the mother cannot take care of the baby during this time, the child can be held in a protection program where he will be safe and protected.

Adoption is a legal process that requires commitment and guarantees and is supervised by government entities.

A legal adoption assures the child the right to have a family which guarantees his rights until he is an adult. An adopted child has the same rights as a biological child. Unless she is separated from his parents, he will receive protection, education in their absence.

Giving a baby up for adoption outside the parameters established by law affects the CRIME of trafficking in persons and is an ILLEGAL act that will entail CRIMINAL SANCTIONS.

Under no circumstances will the mother receive financial compensation as this would be an ILLEGAL act considered as human trafficking. The unborn baby is a human being with rights and not an object or material.

After signing the Informed Consent before an ICBF Family Defender, the mother will have 30 days to retract and assume the care of her baby. No institution, group or person can force a mother to surrender her child, it is a free and voluntary decision.

What you should know before giving a baby up for adoption

This is a very difficult issue for biological parents to deal with. Taking the step to offer your child for adoption or not will probably be one of the most important decisions of your life, so you should be well informed about everything before making this option definitive.

It must be a personal choice, without anyone influencing you or pressuring you, although you can ask opinions of the trusted people who are around you if you need it.

We are not going to fool you, this is a very difficult decision and one that will never abandon you, but it is an act of love towards your baby since if you really cannot take care of him, it is the best solution you can give him.

  • It is forbidden to sell or buy the baby, whatever the country.
  • What you should never do is abandon the baby anywhere, even if you know that it is a place where you think the baby will be well cared for, since it is illegal, as well as a crime.
  • Your child does not have to be a baby to give her up for adoption, she can be of any age. Although the older the child is, the more traumatic the whole process will be for him.
  • In many countries, it is the family doctor or obstetrician who can inform you of what you must do to be able to give your child up for adoption.
  • There are different options when giving up for adoption:
  1. Give the child into custody: Custody is a temporary solution until you can take care of him since you will not lose your rights over your child as a mother or father. This option is that the child will be raised by another person for as long as you need, and always before the child reaches the age of majority.
  1. Family adoption. It consists of a member of your own family adopting it so that you can maintain the relationship with the child. It is processed through a specialized family lawyer.
  1. Open adoption. It is one in which the adoptive parents of the child allow the biological parents to have a limited relationship with the child, through letters, gifts, and even some visits.
  1. Closed adoptions. They are traditional and most common. In this case, the biological parents lose all contact and rights over the child. It offers great privacy to both parties to the adoption so that each can move on with their lives after the difficult decision.

Guidelines to start the process of giving up a baby for adoption

It is difficult for the people around you not to judge you, but you must be the one to make that important decision. If it is firm, then the process begins whenever you want.

If you are pregnant, the process will begin the moment you have a clear decision, if you still do not know what to do and prefer to wait until the delivery, you can also do it, since in the hospital where you give birth you can start the process at any time. Do not rush, it is a decision that must be taken calmly.

A child can be given up for adoption at any time you want, even if the child is older, in cases where the family cannot support their child. The social services will take care of everything since it is the State that will be in charge of finding a suitable adoptive family for the child based on some prerequisites.

You can also ask the hospital where you give birth to start the paperwork to put the baby up for adoption if you prefer to wait until delivery to make the decision.

In other countries where healthcare is private, as in the United States, private adoption agencies are in charge of picking up the child and looking for a family for adoption, although you can also do it through a family lawyer.

In no country is it allowed to give the child up for adoption between individuals, or to sell or buy a child, as it is a serious crime. This is to prevent the illegal trafficking of children, either for prostitution or for organ trafficking.

Choosing an adoption agency

When looking for an adoption agency you must take into account several factors:

  • Investigate the adoption agency, look at its website, the comments there are about it on the internet (search with the word “scam or complaint”), it must have a physical headquarters, a valid license and professional accreditation.
  • That they treat you correctly and be careful with your privacy.
  • That they inform you correctly of the entire process.
  • That they provide you with all the necessary resources to be able to do so.
  • Ask about the type of adoptions that exist (open and closed).
  • Ask about your right to cancel your consent at the time of delivery.

Take your time in choosing the agency, the future well-being of your child will be involved in that.

Other factors to take into account when giving up your child for adoption

  • Giving up for adoption can leave you permanent psychological consequences, as well as for deciding to stay with him if you are not ready for it. Try to surround yourself with people who advise you well, the family is usually great support as long as they do not decide for you, but provide you with solutions and advice, if not, a psychologist can help you take whatever step is.
  • Consult with a family lawyer any doubts you have in this regard. Many times the first consultation is free.
  • If you decide to give your child in foster care, you should know that you have the right to free legal counsel.
  • The process is easier if both biological parents agree on the decision to be made.


In this article, we explained how easy it is to five a baby up for adoption. We spoke about the first steps to take in order to give up your baby, but also what you should know before making such an important decision.

Our advice is that before you give your child up for adoption, is to do your research. After all, this child deserves to be with two parents who will love him and give him all the best.

Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need psychological support. And take care of yourself. Regardless of the situation, you are in, giving your child up for adoption cannot be taken lightly. Take care of your mental and physical health during and after the adoption process.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on How easy is it to give a baby up for adoption?

Is giving a baby up for adoption hard?

Yes, giving a baby up for adoption is hard for most women. The social services or an adoption agency can help you through the process, but still, it is a long experience. Giving up your baby is never easy.

How long does it take to give a baby up for adoption?

It usually takes 48 to 72 hours before you can give a baby up for adoption. An adoption attorney can help you through the whole adoption process. 

Will I regret giving my baby up for adoption?

You might regret giving your baby up for adoption. However, many mothers believe that they did the best that they could by giving up the baby because this way they offered them a better chance at life. 

Why do people put children up for adoption?

There are many reasons why people put children up for adoption. Among the main reasons is low income which generates poor living conditions. Many people give up their baby with the hope that the child will be able to receive nutritious food, good education and support.

How do I give my unborn baby up for adoption?

If you want to give your unborn baby up for adoption you have to speak with the social services and create an adoption plan. You will probably have to find a future family for your child. If you don’t want you, you don’t have to get involved in the whole process. 

Can a woman put a baby up for adoption without the father?

A woman can put a baby up for adoption without the father under certain circumstances. Such circumstances would be if the child is the result of incest or if the child was a result of the rape of the mother.


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