Is adopting a cat a good idea? (7 reasons to adopt)

In this article, we discuss whether is adopting a cat a good idea. We give you 7 reasons to adopt a cat and some tips for finding the “purrfect” companion. We also talk about the benefits of adopting an adult cat.

Is adopting a cat a good idea?

Adopting a stray cat or a homeless cat from an animal shelter is a wonderful experience that every animal lover should do at some time in their life. However, many wonders which of these options is the most appropriate, what steps should be followed to adopt a cat or what are the advantages of adopting a puppy kitten or instead of an adult cat.

Below we are going to give you 7 reasons why adopting a cat is a good idea. Hopefully, after you read them, you will make up your mind. 

7 reasons to adopt a cat

  1. The abandonment of cats is a global problem

It is important to note that not all stray or homeless cats can be integrated into a home since feral cats (those that have always lived on the street and do not socialize with humans) will never adapt to living with people or with other animals. In these cases the “CSR” is practised: capture, sterilize and release.

In any case, being aware of the large number of abandons that occur in the world is essential to understand the importance of adoption. Furthermore, neglect creates a public health problem, directly affects the welfare of animals and encourages uncontrolled breeding.

  1. Adoption can avoid sacrifice

Unfortunately, it is legal to sacrifice animals, especially when we are talking about sick cats, elderly, with behavioural problems or not “adoptable” cats.

Adopting a cat, especially in one of the communities where animals are sacrificed, ensures that we are saving a life and, besides, we will be leaving a free space for another animal to enter and be adopted after ours. Remember that in animal shelters and kennels you can find cats of any age, aspect or character, as even purebred cats are abandoned. Let’s help balance the bad practices of the human being!

  1.  You will have a unique partner

Although purebred cats are usually very desirable, the truth is that they tend to be adopted much earlier, for that reason, the majority of abandoned cats in shelters are mixed. What advantage does this detail represent? To begin with, the majority of purebred cats tend to be predisposed to certain hereditary diseases, which makes crossbreeds older cats.

Also, crossbred cats are unique and have unique physical and behavioural characteristics in each individual. Do you also consider yourself the owner of a unique personality? Do you have a trait that sets you apart from the rest and are you proud of it? Then cats are for you.

  1.  You will change a cat’s world

Although many people say that cats are independent animals, the truth is that they are sociable beings, capable of reasoning and experiencing a wide range of emotions. For this reason, a cat in a shelter is likely to feel abandoned, without a reference figure to turn to, and experiencing high levels of stress. 

Adopting a feline that is in this state will provide him with the emotional well-being he needs and will make the time he spends with you feel happy and loved.

  1. Cats are beneficial to our health

Although this statement may be somewhat doubtful, the truth is that many studies show that having a cat is beneficial for human health. Having a cat improves our mood, increases our self-esteem, prevents allergies in children and reduces the risk of death by heart attack by up to 30%. Incredible, right?

  1. The advantages of adopting a cat compared to a dog

Cats are especially clean animals, they adapt to practically any home, they know how to ration their food and they do not need to go for a walk (although some guardians do walk their cats!). 

Undoubtedly, these characteristics make many people choose to have a cat rather than a dog, however, we must point out that they also need veterinary attention, socialize and cannot stay more than a day alone at home, as some people believe, because they need company. 

If we leave, we must ensure that a trusted person can come to our home to ensure that everything is going well.

Besides, to avoid the appearance of behavioural problems, we must encourage our cat to play, enrich its environment with toys and accessories and ensure that its food is of good quality. 

Although the possession of a cat is more advantageous than that of a dog, especially for those who have little time or do not want to go for a walk with their animals, we must also provide them with good care.

  1.  Advantages of adopting an adult cat vs advantages of adopting a kitten

There are some advantages of adopting a kitten that is important to know, for example, we can ensure that their socialization is adequate, they are tender and we will accompany them for a longer time. 

However, it is also important to point out some advantages of adopting an adult cat, such as the fact of having a defined personality, that they already know how to use the litter box and scratcher, which will ensure a better adaptation to the home, and the choice of a cat according to our lifestyle.

We also take this opportunity to remember that adult, elderly or physically challenged cats are the least likely to be adopted. Why not give them a second chance too?

Tips for adopting cats

We must consider some preliminary details before adopting a cat from the street or shelter, to ensure that their arrival at home will be appropriate and that we are prepared to be good guardians.

Some steps to adopt a cat that we must take into account:

  • If we have other cats at home, it will be essential that, before bringing the new cat to our home, we visit a veterinarian to rule out parasites and any contagious disease.
  • Likewise, if we have other animals, we must first consult how the presentation of both should be to avoid a negative association from the beginning.
  • There are some tips to adopt a street cat that we must know, such as that their adaptation may be slower or that they will insist on going outside (be careful, we are not talking about feral cats) so we must understand their needs and try to find a new lifestyle that is much more positive for them.
  • Before the cat arrives at the home, we must have all its elements ready: food, litter box, water, scratchers, bed, nest, toys, structures for cats … Do not wait for your cat to come home to buy everything you need.

It will also be essential to know the language and communication of cats to understand them, how to use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour and many other curiosities about cats.

Reasons to Adopt an adult cat

When you adopt an adult cat, you know what you are going to find. It’s true, kittens are hilarious, but you never know what they will turn out to be in the future. This is a great risk if you intend to look at your cat every day. So take the safest and smartest option. Choose that big cat with a sweet face.

Second-hand cats are not like used cars. They are not in a shelter because they have some fault, or because they are worn out. Possibly they are there because their previous owner died, or was admitted to a residence, or had to move to an apartment that did not allow cats.

Kittens are like little children. Either because they are teething, or because they are exploring the world, kittens can be very destructive fluff balls. Kittens have a preference for chewing on shoes, books, human ears, rugs, electrical cords, curtains, plants, and much more. Adult cats normally either bite less, or they do not bite at all.

Sadly for adult cats, many adopters are drawn to the adorable, playful, big-eyed kittens. But, for the forgotten, abandoned older cats who are already heartbroken, you may be their last chance for them to have a permanent home and the love they deserve. 

Please consider adopting an adult cat. With love and the correct care, cats can live perfectly up to 15 or 20 years. Normally, they will be active and playful for most of this time. Some may need a little extra patience on your part as they adjust to their new home, but once they regain confidence, almost all of them will reward you with years of faithful companionship and unconditional love.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed whether is adopting a cat a good idea.

If you are ready to take care of a pet, adopting a cat is always a good idea. Among the powerful 7 reasons we mentioned above, we also have to say that cats are extremely playful and have a very interesting personality.

If you adopt a cat, it will repay you with unconditional purrs and love for the rest of its life. 

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on Is adopting a cat a good idea?

What should I know before adopting a cat?

Before adopting a cat you should know everything about their care, needs and personality. Although cats are independent, they still need to socialize with their humans. Prepare your house before the arrival of your cat and make sure you have the contact details of a vet in your area. 

What is the best age to adopt a cat?

The best age to adopt a cat is when it is 12 weeks old if you want to give it for adoption. However, we suggest you think about adopting an adult cat, as it can bring you so many benefits. 

Is getting a cat a good idea?

Getting a cat is a good idea if you are looking for an independent pet that will bring a lot of joy in your life. However, this decision should not be taken lightly. Do your research before.

Do cats get sad when rehomed?

Yes, cats can get sad when they are rehomed. Cats, although independent by their nature, can get attached to their owners. 


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